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Our Liquor Store is the liquor store platform that uses state-of-the-art technology to give you that ease of use that you don’t normally get on other online platforms.

Our Liquor store is an effort to provide the best services to the customers and vendors alike. It joins the two in a seamless integration by which both get the maximum benefit out of the meeting of the two of them. We at our Liquor store believe that customer comes first always and every time. He is the reason for our existence and we have to serve him in the right earnest.

Translating this motive into action, we have a very strict policy and stringent measures in place that ensure that you get the right liquor at the right price and the way you want. We understand your needs as we have been in the business of liquor for quite some time now and have tried to plug in the gaps in the supply chain by optimizing customer satisfaction by giving him choice, the right pricing and delivering it in the manner he wants, home-delivered or pick up.

Since we see ourselves as enablers we have an equal commitment to the breweries, distilleries, wineries and liquor stores, big or small who open their shop on our liquor Store. Though we make all efforts to ensure that all the vendors are genuine and serious about their business but once they are on our platform we safeguard their interest as well.

Apart from this we also give our vendors, tools that can enhance their reach and minimize their logistic costs. For instance, we are giving the vendors a readymade website and an app which they get free of cost by just signing up with Our Liquor Store. It comes to them without any extra cost or effort.

Apart from this, the vendors at Our Liquor Store do not have to pay exorbitant commissions to us. We have a flat rate policy and that does not move north even if your sales go through the roof.

Last but not least online business like another business is built upon trust and mutual understanding and learning. We give a patient hearing to the ideas from our customers and vendors alike and try to incorporate their genuine concerns. This way we have ensured that most of the users at our liquor store are content with our platform and services. Moreover, there is no commitment from the Vendors or bindings at any time. They can cancel anytime, no penalty no questions asked.

Just one last thing, if you are satisfied with our services tell others if not please do let us know so that we can redress your grievance and cater to you. We are here to build a long time relationship with you. That is the way Our Liquor Store is – Ours and Yours at the same time!